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I’ve had a few cars based on GM’s flagship engine block design and totally fell in love with these cars.  I’ve a general appreciation for Fords in general but truly love the new fleet.  I hope you enjoy my blog on all things car related!

  • Buying a used car, what you need to check!

    thisngs to check with used carsIn the 21st Century, cars have gained popularity as a mode of transport from one place to another. Different people decide to buy cars for various reasons such as self- satisfaction, convenience or even for business purposes. Most people globally will more often prefer buying a used car rather than buying a brand new car as they match their purchasing power. Buying a used car has its pros and cons and one would need to be careful when going about acquiring one.

    There are many companies which retail used cars leeds or used cars liverpool. Most of these companies provide an online platform where both the buyer and the seller can link and do business. It would be imperative to treat all these companies you meet online with a pinch of salt as not all may turn out to be credible.

    • Process Of Buying A Used Car

    car salesWhen buying a used car, it would be a good idea following the right procedure to get value for your money and avoid any unsuitable consequences. This blog will give an insight to a step by step process when buying used car either for private or commercial use.

    • Set Your Budget

    This would be the most crucial thing to first consider before setting out to buying used car. Setting your budget will help give a sense of direction and present you with the available options when making that purchase. Work out on what you can afford to spend and consider recurrent expenses such as insurance and regular maintenance costs which fall just within your budget. In case you are planning on securing a loan then try visiting different financial institutions to get the best rates.

    • Do Some Background Research

    It is crucial to do some background research before buying used car. This gives you relevant information on available models and market prices. Such information will help you avoid paying too much or making excess payments for the used car you are looking to purchase.

    • Find The Right Car

    Wondering on how to go about finding the right car? When buying used car, it is imperative to have a checklist. The checklist will act as a yard stick to gauge to what extent the vehicle meets your desired qualifications.

    Finding the right car can be difficult, below are a few quality online resources I have found in the north of england:


    Does The Owner Poses The Right Documents?

    It would be one of your worst nightmare having local authorities or law enforcers trail you on account of handling stolen property. This will not only cost you hard earned money but you may also end up serving a length jail term behind bars. To avoid this, properly vet ownership documents to guarantee credibility and that the used car is in the right custody. Before buying used car, request the owner to provide a V5C document. Without the document you will not to remit any taxes on the vehicle hence you may not be able to import the vehicle as wished. It is important to check out whether the document has a water mark and whether there are any spelling mistakes as this will facilitate a smooth transaction as you make payments for the vehicle. When buying used car, also ensure vehicle identification number, engine number and color match as those in the V5C document.

    Auto trader have a good article on the documents you need here:

    • Mileage

    When buying used car, checking on mileage of the vehicle should be something to consider. The vehicle’s age, appearance and mileage should be consistent. You can verify this by requesting for MOT certificates and other documents that may indicate mileage.

    • Check Out For Any Damage

    Buying a used car that may have been previously involved in an accident may land you unwanted trouble. Ensure you buy an accident free vehicle by checking for any inconsistent gaps between the panels and mismatched colors on the vehicle which could have been as a result of repairs. Also, check out for any traces of paint spray on handles and window seals.

    • Safety Of The Vehicle

    Safety of a vehicle goes a long way in eliminating any instances of accidents. What makes a vehicle safe to drive? Ensure the tyres are in good condition and other tools such as the jack are present. The safety belts and airbags should also be fitted and be operating properly.

    When buying used car, ensure you negotiate the best price with the seller and all paper work is in order to avoid any hiccups in future.

  • my ford focus Ford Focus Review – 2016

    Ford Focus is a vehicle that as managed to stand out from the time it was introduced back in 2000. At the time of its introduction, there was a domestic automotive maker that had managed to dominate these classes of vehicles and was in very stiff competition with Japanese sedans. Ford Focus was at that used focustime a very small car compared to the rest of its competitors but this did not prevent it from standing out. There are several things that made tis vehicle quickly become one of the most popular vehicles in the world. This is Ford Focus Review will highlight some of the incredible features of this vehicle.

    One of the first features that have made this vehicle popular in many parts of the world is its expressive styling. When people go out to buy cars, they want a car that is different and unique and matches their taste. The Ford Focus is a vehicle that has a very unique design and style that does not fall into one category of people who might like the car. It can be owned by a family man, businessman or even someone who loves sports since its design in quite unique compared to other type of vehicles.This vehicle also has sharp handling. One of the things a number of vehicles lack is a sharp handling feature. At the time when the Ford Focus was released, vehicles’ bodies used to roll excessively when a sharp swerve was made. This was very dangerous and many accidents were caused as a result. Ford Focus however did not have this problem due to its sharp handling feature that made it safer and possible to make sudden and fast swerves. This is another reason why the vehicle has gains so much popularity in many parts of the world.

    focus tailgateAnother reason why tis vehicle has managed to dominate in its field is the fact that there are numerous body styles. The fact that this car comes in different body style is one thing that many people like about it. The different body style enable one to choose a vehicle that best represents their style and one that is different compared to other vehicles. This creates a variety of choices which is something customers like. Apart from the variety of choices that comes with the body styles, there are incredible additional features in each style that customers love.

    The Ford focus gasoline engines are also very diverse. This is something you do not get to see in many vehicles. The diversity gives customers and option of whether to go for the electric type engines or stick to the non –electric type depending on their tastes and preferences. This goes to show that the manufacturers of the vehicle had all clients in mind when making the vehicle. This is why different customers around the world use the Ford Focus. Other companies tend to focus on certain features that are not appealing to certain customers and therefore, they are not able to gain as much popularity as the Ford Focus.

    The communicative and quick steering wheel of the Ford Focus is yet another feature that customers around the world like. It is very important for a vehicle to have a quick steering wheel. This is especially important in today’s world where people are always in a rush to get to places and like to multi-task. Such a steering enables people to prevent accident as quick as they can when they happen. Customers believe that this feature is very goof in creating confidence while on the road especially for beginners.Last but not least, the Ford Focus is very smooth on all types of terrain which makes it great for rough and smooth roads. This is important because it enables the vehicle to be useable in different parts of the world which have different terrain.

    2006 focus car

    In conclusion, Ford Focus has managed to stay at the top of its game due to the fact that it has filled the existing gap that has been there for a long time in terms of vehicle features. They have also been committed to producing great automotive for all customers without placing a priority in only one category of customers. the vehicle is a great investment and is recommended to anyone who wants a top-notch vehicle.


    Ford focus history :

  • Best buy “budget” used cars roundup

    Perhaps you are among the millions out to make budget buys when buying cars. It is not easy especially if you are doing it for the first time. As it is, getting budget buys is not a walk in the park. There are some basic tips you should follow as a buyer, to ensure that you get a budget car of worth. This is a reasonably cheap car you are buying, and it is likely it has been used before. Check for evidence of this, perhaps through repainting. In most cases, sellers are simply seeking an outlet to dump their misused vehicles. Repainting is usually done to conceal some marks showing evidence of misuse. Cars that had bumped into things or crashed can also be repainted to lure buyers.

    used car checksIt is also cheaper to insure cheap budget cars than a normal model. You will also save more money once your car becomes older through dropping collision as well as theft coverage. Depending on where you live, you could also save money on the registration fees of the vehicle. In a lot of states, the fees they charge to register cars are based on the sales price of the car.

    There are other reasons why you should stick with Budget buys cars. If you want to save some of your money from buying a vehicle, Budget buys cars are always a good idea. With the cheap sales price of used cars, you can be assured that you will enjoy savings compared to buying a brand new one. However, when shopping around, always settle with the best dealer that can offer you great deals. Check for reviews and other helpful information about the dealer. It is because not all dealers are the same and some of them are not reliable. In this way, they will be able to avoid scams and other things that could just waste their time and money when looking for the perfect used car.

    Research is the most basic thing in regard to buying budget cars. There is plenty of information platforms that you can use to ensure you get comprehensive information on any vehicle you want. Your family members or friends could be sources of valuable information as far as this subject matter is concerned. You can also use the internet to get information on what to look for in a used vehicle.

    This is a budget cars you are buying, and it is likely it has been abused before. Check for evidence of this, perhaps through repainting. In most cases, sellers are simply seeking an outlet to dump their misused vehicles. Repainting is usually done to conceal some marks showing evidence of misuse. Cars that had bumped into things or crashed can also be repainted to lure buyers.

    It is advisable that you buy a vehicle belonging to one seller. This gives you peace of mind when you need to contact the seller after experiencing some trouble. In addition, single owners give you more concise information in regard to the history of the vehicle. A single owner is easy to pay compared to multiple ones where payment conflicts might crop up later.

    Get well informed about the history of the car your purchase. It is a second hand one, meaning it must have some history. Ensure that it is not an automobile that has been reported as stolen or wanted for other security reasons. Ensure the seller gives you all material necessary for checking and rechecking the history of the car.

    You have a set budget no doubt. Whatever purchase you make should fall within your budget range. Additionally, beware not to buy the vehicle at extremely high prices since many sellers never think twice when they see a chance to exploit the buyer. Go for that quality car with a sensible price tag. Haggle as hard as you can to get it at a comfortable price. It is also important that you fight the temptation to buy that vehicle going at a throw away price.

    All verbal agreements you reach at with your seller should be put in writing. Recording all payment transactions is also highly recommended. If you have made your purchase in cash, have this in recorded for the sake of trace ability. It is advisable that you have some witnesses when making any cash purchases just in case anything goes wrong down the road.

    Budget buys cars can either be effective or not. The only way you can know whether they are worthy is through carrying out a road test. Insist on testing the vehicle before paying anything for it. Strictly never purchase a used vehicle without carrying out a comprehensive road test

  • Looking after your cars – a dummies guide to car maintenance

    car maintenance for dummiesIf you have a shiny new car or a tired clunker, automobile maintenance is your job. Following the guidelines regarding oil changes and frequently scheduled appointments with your preferred mechanic attends to both your car as well as your wallet.

    Ignoring to spend $20 on a basic car maintenance or repair project and overlooking your manufacturer’s suggestions for an oil change can turn out costing you many thousands. The ideal source of information on your duties can be obtained in your glove compartment. Below are some basic parts to check during the process of car maintenance to avoid any complex issue that may arise when you need your car the most:


    Brake dust has all sorts of nasty things. As soon as you leave it too long, the mixture of road grime, heat and moisture from your brakes can bake it onto your wheels. Brake dust usually clings to wheels that have static electricity therefore a damp sponge as well as clean cold water is a good approach to get it off. many of these tips are in lots of good books you can find on amazon about car maintenance, here.


    Slick tyres, Bald may be great for motor racing however they’re not great to travel with. The majority of tyres have tread wear bars built into all of them now – find one, look at it when you notice that your tread is lacking, change your tyres. Four brand new tyres may appear expensive however they’re less expensive than a fine or an accident.


    Always monitor tyre pressures on a regular basis – Bad tyre pressures have an effect on fuel economy, comfort, and handling.


    At the front part of your engine you will see a number of rubber drive belts that loop around different pulleys, driving everything. Rubber perishes, much more in extreme situations like those present in a working engine bay.


    Examine your tyre pressures often – It’s a goog thing to check it once per week. Bad tyre pressures could affect the economy of fuel. It’s simple to do and there is not any reason not to.


    Once again, a thing everyone carry out. The coolant is the another thing that the engine could not go without. Each and every engine differs however if you monitor the handbook you need find the location of the coolant reservoir. It will usually be bolted to a single part of the engine bay. You have to wait a moment for the engine to cool and then you check it out – the outside needs to have ‘low’ and ‘high’ markings and the degree of coolant inside has isbetween this twothings.

    This really is something everybody can do – it’s easy and quick and it’ll let you know if your engine requires oil. In case the oil is too much or very low, it could cause problems for your car’s engine. To determine the level of the oil, park on level ground and then you wait for the engine to cool down, the next thing is to locate the dipstick. Remove it and then clean it well, after that you need to push it back in until the top is seated correctly in the dip tube. Then wait a few minutes then pull it out again.


    In case you’re likely to carry out any additional work on the car that involves the electrical system, you need to make sure you disconnect the battery first. To perform this, please the connector has to be loosen for the ground/negative terminal first, and then wiggle off the battery terminal cap.

    FUEL / GAS
    Will higher premium fuel or octane provide me better gas mileage additional Power?
    No. Sportier car has higher compression engines which produce more power and need greater octane fuel to stop detonation. That’s exactly where the myth of “premium = additional power” originated from.



    Once you indicate one way but the blinker flashes faster than once theother way is indicated, it implies one of the bulbs is blown. A car parts store can tell you what kind of bulb you have to change it with and even your manual need to reveal to discover the bulbs’ indicator – they are different on every single car.